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The Radical Robotics automated vessel cleaning system is paired with the powerful VantageSuite software to allow the vessel to be accurately modelled and plan the most effective cleaning process.

The low weight and flexibility of the robotic vessel cleaning tool allow for it to be deployed in any position on a vessel on any nozzle 4” or larger. The high flow nozzle allows for fast and effective debulking of heavier solids and can be converted to a higher-pressure, lower volume nozzle for final clean as required. Unlike conventional vessel cleaning tools that rotate within a vessel, the robotic vessel cleaning tool also can be focused on a specific area within the vessel allowing for a targeted approach. For larger type vessels the robotic manway cannons may also be used to assist in the debulking and cleaning process to ensure maximum efficiency. As a fluid saving measure, the CMT may be used in this process to recycle water or chemical after it has been separated from the solids being removed. Throughout the vessel cleaning process, the Radical Robotics camera and light can be used to verify cleanliness and identify areas needing more attention allowing for a complete zero-entry approach to vessel cleaning.