Powerful, all in one software solution to simplify your entire process

Radical Software's VantageSuite is a powerful suite of tools that seamlessly lets you plan, simulate, manage and execute your entire project in one program.

This unique software package puts you in total control of your industrial cleaning process. Beginning with the unique ability to build an accurate 3D model of the tank or vessel that you’re bidding on, you’ll be able to accurately quote the project without any hassle. Built-in CFD software will then allow you to simulate the job from start to finish and provide your client with a timeline for project completion while also figuring out the optimal parameters for the circulation process.

Then it’s time for the execution phase. Every Radical Robotics Universal Command Centre and Mini Control Station comes loaded with a VantageSuite license that can be used on-site to seamlessly control every piece of Radical Robotics equipment attached to the tank or vessel. You’ll be able to see in real-time the effective cleaning range of your tools, what they’re doing inside the tank and the effect they’re having on the solids inside. The program will also automatically optimize flow rates, viscosity and temperature of your robotic tank sweeps to ensure that your circulation process goes as smoothly as possible.

Future updates will include a full set of site management tools, which will allow you to place obstructions such as other tanks, stairs, sumps and terrain around your tank. You’ll also be able to record and playback previous jobs, giving you the power to use that data to continuously tweak and improve your process.

A brand new 3D scanning tool will also allow you to continuously scan the inside of the tank and see where the masses of solids are in real-time, giving you the clearest possible overall picture of your process as integrated A.I. features will assist you in optimizing every step of the process. 

The VantageSuite sits at the heart of the unique system that KOS Automated Solutions and Radical Robotics have brought to the industry, creating a perfect marriage of software and robotic equipment for truly zero-entry automated cleaning solutions.