Vessel Cleaning Tool (VCT)

Hand portable all-in-one solution for debulking and cleaning vessels

The Radical Robotics Vessel Cleaning Tool was designed to be the perfect device to tackle vessels of any size or shape.

This versatile tool features an adjustable central column that allows it to be moved forwards and backwards and also rotate a full 360 degrees inside the vessel. This means you have total freedom of movement regardless of where the tool is placed. Unlike traditional vessel cleaning tools, which use water pressure to rotate randomly inside the unit, the VCT is controlled using the VantageSuite software, exponentially increasing efficiency. Interchangeable nozzles mean that the unit can handle high flow, low pressure for debulking as well as high pressure, low flow for final cleaning. Finally, the entire unit weighs in at under 100 pounds meaning it can be rigged up to any vessel regardless of obstructions.