Mini Control Station & Mini Hydraulic Power Unit

Full-featured and completely portable control systems

At KOS Automated Solutions, we understand that sometimes a job requires a lighter and more mobile setup. That is where the Radical Robotics Mini Control station comes in.

This unit, conveniently contained within its own custom 18-inch Pelican Case, serves as a full-featured control centre for your Radical Robotics and KOS Automated Solutions equipment. Running Radical Robotics’ revolutionary software package, the Mini Control Station will allow you to operate your tools from anywhere using an intuitive user interface while still being lightweight enough to fit in the front seat of a pickup truck.

In addition to the Mini Control Station system, we also offer a completely portable Mini Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU). This super lightweight piece of technology allows you to power and control your Radical Robotics equipment anywhere, provided you have a generator and pumps. Thanks to its small form factor, the Mini HPU can fit in the cab or the bed of a pickup truck and is light enough to be carried by a single person. This adds an extremely powerful and versatile tool to your arsenal.