Our Team

Artie Kos


Artie Kos is an accomplished entrepreneur with a unique edge in the oil and gas industry, hailing from the heart of Alberta’s energy hub. With his entrepreneurial spirit and over 30 years of expertise, Artie is renowned for his remarkable ability to build service companies from the ground up.

Kos began his career founding Kos Corp. Oilfield Transportation Ltd. in 1985, specializing in the dismantling, hauling, and reassembly of drilling and service oil and gas rigs. The company swiftly grew its footprint across Western Canada with six provincial offices, a team of 215 dedicated staff, and a robust fleet of specialized equipment. Kos Corp. developed a sterling reputation for delivering reliable and efficient transportation solutions to energy sector clients across Canada and the United States. 

In 2006, the market recognized Kos Corp.’s strategic value in Western Canada’s energy landscape when it was acquired by TransForce Income Fund, further solidifying its standing in the industry.

Artie pivoted in 2019 to found Kos Automated Solutions, a company committed to the distribution of Radical Robotics products exclusively. With Kos Automated Solutions, Artie positioned his venture as North America’s leading distributor of robotic industrial tank cleaning equipment.

Guy Young

Director of Business Development

Guy Young is a seasoned business leader and tech enthusiast with a passion for revolutionizing the Energy Sector through technology. His profound career spanning over 30 years is filled with accomplishments and innovations that led to significant advancements in safety, productivity, and profitability.

Guy presently serves as the Director of Business Development at Kos Automated Solutions, formerly known as Precise Industrial Cleaning Tools. Combining his passion for technology with his extensive experience in business development, Guy has set out to make a difference in today’s fast-paced, tech-driven market. He has fostered a collaborative and goal-oriented team, focusing on improving the industry standards and embracing the future of technology.

Before joining Kos, Guy was the Vice President of Young Group of Companies for 8 impactful years. His hard work and perseverance, coupled with the support of his formidable team, led to remarkable leaps in the company’s standing in the market. This was achieved through a strategic blend of community relations and technology advancement, demonstrating his versatile leadership skills.

Prior to his VP role, Guy served as a Senior Consultant for Husky Energy for 9 years. This stint played a pivotal role in shaping his career trajectory. His experiences as a plant operational lead, superintendent, and project manager have equipped him with a multifaceted understanding of the industry. His contribution led to the successful construction and commissioning of multimillion-dollar facilities and pipelines.

Guy Young is a dynamic leader with a clear vision, striving to pave the way for the future of the energy sector.

Bill Cherowka

International Sales Manager

With a dynamic career that spans across various sectors—from concrete manufacturing, health supplements, to pivotal roles in the oil and gas industry—Bill Cherowka is a seasoned professional known for his leadership and project management skills. Starting in the family business, Edson Concrete, Bill quickly demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership, leading him to become the National Sales Manager of a Canadian Natural Health Supplement company. His retail prowess was recognized with the Rising Star Award in Vancouver.

Transitioning into the oil and gas sector, Bill made significant contributions as a consultant for Enbridge Pipelines and later for TransCanada and Pembina Pipelines, specializing in pipeline inspection services, quality compliance, and project oversight. His roles have included Construction Management and Chief Inspector, where he managed large teams and ensured the highest standards in project execution. Most recently, Bill joined KOS Automated Solutions as International Sales Manager, where he leverages his extensive experience and leadership abilities to drive the company’s growth on a global scale.

Courtney Kos

Director of Marketing and Communications

Courtney is an innovative and results-oriented Marketing and Communications Director with a proven track record of driving brand visibility, engagement, and growth across diverse industries. Leveraging over a decade of expertise in strategic marketing, business technology management, and e-commerce analysis, Courtney has successfully spearheaded dynamic campaigns and initiatives that have propelled organizations to new heights.

Courtney currently leads the marketing and communications strategies for Kos Automated Solutions, driving brand awareness and fostering client relationships. Prior to this, Courtney empowered the next generation of business leaders by delivering comprehensive instruction in Business Technology Management at the Haskayne School of Business in Calgary. She also served as a business analyst for Retail Ecommerce Ventures in California, where she analyzed e-commerce trends and data to optimize business strategies, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and revenue growth. She also fulfilled the role of account manager with TC Transcontinental Premedia where she managed client relationships and delivered tailored marketing solutions, exceeding client expectations and increasing retention rates.

Courtney is passionate about merging strategic marketing insights with cutting-edge technologies to drive organizational success. With a solid foundation in marketing leadership, business education, and analytical acumen, Courtney is poised to contribute value through innovation and collaborative leadership.

Courtney holds a BA in communications from the University of Calgary and an MBA from Warwick Business School – University of Warwick.