About Us

KOS Automated Solutions is a North American company that specializes in robotic equipment for the industrial cleaning industry

As the exclusive dealer of Radical Robotics products, KOS Automated Solutions is North America’s leading distributor of robotic industrial tank cleaning equipment.

Over the years, our equipment has been engineered to produce the most efficient tank cleaning process in the industry.

Our unique marriage of tools and software allow you to seamlessly plan and execute even the most complex cleaning jobs.

Plus, the unique ergonomics of our zero-entry equipment means that it is easy to transport, rig up and rig out – often times only requiring minimal cabling and hoses and never requiring a heavy umbilical.

That compact form factor doesn’t mean we don’t pack a punch, though. Our industry-best water cannons impact at a whopping 498 lbs.-force with an effective range of 150 ft., meaning no tank is too big a task.

Pair that with the new state-of-the-art Circulation Management Tank and a Radical Robotics Command Centre (or Mini Control Station) and you’ve got a fully automated and incredibly efficient tank cleaning process without putting a man inside the tank until the final clean (that is, until the release of the newly redesigned Radical Robotics Tracked Machine in 2022).

Plus because all of our equipment is designed and built by Radical Robotics in Calgary, you can rest assured that any questions you have about your equipment will be answered promptly.

Non-manned entry is the future of tank cleaning and KOS Automated Solutions is your one and only stop for the best tools on the market today.