Oil and Gas

KOS Automated Solutions is at the forefront of the oil and gas industry, specializing in Industrial Robotic Cleaning and Automated Tank Cleaning.

As North America’s leading distributor of Robotic Industrial Cleaning Equipment, we offer state-of-the-art Robotic Cleaning Systems tailored to the unique requirements of the oil and gas sector.

Our advanced Robotic Tank Cleaning and Robotic Vessel Cleaning services use Radical Robotics’ cutting-edge technology to provide a safe, efficient, and Zero-Entry Cleaning Solutions. Our innovative Automated Tank Cleaning system, coupled with the VantageSuite Software, allows for precise modeling and planning, ensuring a complete zero-entry approach to cleaning.

With AI-driven Industrial Cleaning Software and 3D Scanning in Cleaning, our Project Management in Cleaning Industry services are optimized for real-time monitoring and control. From Automated Water Cannons to Remote Industrial Cleaning, KOS Automated Solutions is revolutionizing High-Tech Industrial Cleaning within the oil and gas industry.

Explore our Advanced Robotic Systems and discover how KOS Automated Solutions is your one-stop destination for the best Industrial Cleaning Tools and solutions in North America.