Automated Auxiliary Tools

Get the most out of your equipment

In addition to our core range of tools, we also offer a variety of extras to solve the most common problems our clients have out in the field

Split Flanges

These custom-made split flanges are designed to ensure that no matter what size of nozzle you encounter onsite, you’ll be able to mount your equipment with ease. Made of lightweight aluminum, these flanges come apart so you can avoid the risk of damage that comes from mounting a heavy custom flange to the tool.

Available sizes:

  • 18″, 24″, 36″, 48″ Class 150 size options.
  • 18″, 24″, 36″, 48″ Class 300
  • 20″, 24″, 30″, 36″ API

Automated Valve Bank Stand

Our automated valve bank stands serve a variety of purposes within the Radical Robotics system. These units essentially act as brains for the tools they attach to, providing a way for the tool to interface with the VantageSuite software while also being close enough to the tool to completely eliminate any control lag that comes from hydraulically operated equipment. Our Valve Bank Stands are small and hand portable and can be adapted for a variety of purposes, including adapting pre-existing equipment into the Radical Robotics ecosystem.

Rotating Spool

The Hydraulic Rotating Spool is an adapter accessory that allows you to use your Robotic Camera Rig or Robotic Water Cannon in a vertical orientation without losing any controllability. It does this by replacing the default left/right function of the tool with a rotational axis, allowing the tool to rotate almost a full 360 degrees without ever flipping the camera into an upside down orientation. Made of lightweight aluminum, this accessory can be carried by one person and makes inserting a cannon or camera into the roof of a tank or vessel a breeze. 

Automated Pressure Wash Unit

Our automated pressure wash units ensure that you’ll always have the clearest view of what’s going on inside the tank.

This unit allows you to clean the sludge and debris off of the tool’s built in camera and light at the push of a button without ever removing the equipment from the tank. Constant circulation means that no matter how cold it is outside, the water will always be warm. Plus, a single wash unit can be hooked up to four separate tools, ensuring that your entire spread will be working at full capacity.