Rail Car

KOS Automated Solutions is leading innovation in the rail car industry with specialized Industrial Robotic Cleaning and Automated Tank Cleaning services.

As North America’s top provider of Robotic Industrial Cleaning Equipment, we bring cutting-edge Robotic Cleaning Systems to the rail car sector, meeting the distinct cleaning and maintenance demands of this industry.

Our sophisticated Robotic Tank Cleaning and Robotic Vessel Cleaning technologies utilize Radical Robotics’ advanced solutions, ensuring safe, efficient, and comprehensive Zero-Entry Cleaning Solutions. By integrating our unique Automated Tank Cleaning system with the powerful VantageSuite Software, we offer rail car facilities precise modeling and planning, delivering a complete zero-entry approach to cleaning.

With our AI-empowered Industrial Cleaning Software and revolutionary 3D Scanning in Cleaning, our unrivaled Project Management in Cleaning Industry services are tailored for real-time monitoring and control within the rail car industry. From Automated Water Cannons to Remote Industrial Cleaning, KOS Automated Solutions is setting new benchmarks in High-Tech Industrial Cleaning for the rail car sector.

Explore our portfolio of Advanced Robotic Systems and find out how KOS Automated Solutions is the go-to destination for premier Industrial Cleaning Tools and solutions in the rail car industry.