Tracked Machines

Fully automated robotic tracked machines for safe and efficient final cleaning

Our remote controlled tracked machines have a collapsed outside dimension of 19.5″. This incredibly versatile system is designed with an interchangeable vacuum head, telescoping gamma jet and water cannon, so it can tackle any job you throw at it.

Optional weights can be attached for traction and high resolution cameras with infrared capabilities allow you to see everything it’s doing inside the tank. Plus, when integrated with Radical Software’s VantageSuite, the tracked machine becomes fully automated. Thanks to Radical Robotics’ 3D scanning tool, the tracked machine will automatically map out the best route through the tank to achieve the optimal final clean. This also ensures that you’ll never lose track of where the tracked machine is inside the tank. Like all of our equipment, our tracked machines are Class 1, Division 1 (groups C and D) for USA & Canada / ATEX Zone 0 certified.