Are vacuum truck companies missing the rising tide of robotic cleaning opportunities

March 21, 2023

Over the last couple of years we at Precise have seen a wide variation in our core customer base. What was generally a “big boy” game when it came to class 1/div 1 robotics for the industrial cleaning industry, has reinvented itself to include the daily maintenance cleaning taking place on smaller scales at all sizes of plants and production facilities.

The new compact high-pressure robotics and mini-control systems designed for smaller vessels and tanks have quickly become an entry-level tool for day-to-day use. Vessels, more standard-sized tanks, rail cars, and any variation of these are being cleaned much more quickly while omitting any confined space exposure to employees, and all in an explosion-proof environment.

These new tools are much easier to handle and are designed for quick in and out jobs with a minimal amount of set up and tear down. Specifically designed for day-to-day use versus large projects requiring more complicated and expensive spreads. This new line of robotics is tailored to the vacuum truck companies and maintenance companies which see this type of work almost daily.

As this area of the market has grown, the need for other complimentary tools in the robotic tool chest has also begun to grow. For example, the MANUAL class one/div one explosion-proof cameras are now available. A variation of the class one/div one explosion-proof robotic camera currently being utilized on large diameter tanks and plant turnarounds, the manual camera was designed for a quick initial look and a last look before a quick wrap-up at the job site.

Isn’t it time your company graduated with the new robotic cleaning systems available today?

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