Robotic Water Cannons
Standard for industrial tank cleaning in Canada and North America

As the heart and soul of the Radical Tank Cleaning Process, our robotic high pressure water cannons are on the cutting edge of tech in the tank cleaning industry.

Advances in reach, pressure, lighting, camera and control systems make our cannons standard for industrial tank cleaning in Canada and North America and, when paired with the revolutionary Radical Robotics software, they provide a seamless user experience. In addition to our standard  Class 1, Division 1 (groups C and D) for USA & Canada / ATEX Zone 0 certification, our robotic water cannons have the ability to wash vertically using a Radical Robotics Rotating Spool, giving them extra versatility. Our attention to detail ensures ease of maintenance and sourcing of parts within a worldwide distribution network. Of note, these units were specifically engineered to supply maximum impact force with low water flow and pressure, making them unparalleled in the industrial cleaning industry.

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